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Wincor Nixdorf CINEO C2560 SWAP-PC EPC_A4 SWAP-PC 5G i5-4570, EPP6, TP25, CMDV5, CCDM V2 COMPLETE ATM

Wincor Nixdorf CINEO C2560 SWAP-PC EPC_A4 SWAP-PC 5G i5-4570, EPP6, TP25, CMDV5, CCDM V2 COMPLETE ATM image

Wincor Nixdorf | Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf CINEO C2560 SWAP-PC 5G i5-4570 AMT TPMen, EPP6, TP25, CMDV5, CCDM V2 COMPLETE ATM

  • Manufacturer: WINCOR NIXDORF
  • Model / Part Number: C2560 CCDM
  • Includes the following parts:
1750262105  SWAP-PC 5G i5-4570 AMT TPMen
1750229766 CCDM V2
1750189270 CASSETTE REC. MR CM
1750171633 Monitor 15" TFT LED HighBright DVI
1750219295 EPPV6
1750256247 TP27 80MM receipt printer
1750199932 Card reader CHD V2CU HiCO Version

  • Condition: This is a tested / working item, removed from service recently
  • Shipping Costs: Contact us to give you the shipping costs. Location California USA.
  • Warranty: 30 day warranty.
  • Consumables, Software and Hard Drives are not included.
  • Part numbers listed here are an example and we do not guarantee that they will match exactly for every item sold.
  • Product images do not necessarily correspond to the actual item.
Condition and Warranty
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Founded in 1988, Techzam International\'s mission is to deliver complete customer satisfaction with strong commitment to computer-related technologies that expand the power and reach of the ATM, PC and its users.

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